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GRADUADO QUEBRA (Chris Baird) has studied a wide range of martial arts, including Aikido, Kung-Fu, and Kali (FMA), and has been studying Capoeira under Mestre Borracha since 2008. He is a qualified High School teacher (his day job), and has worked as a circus performer as a member of The Brothers Bengali (with fellow capoeirista, David 'Padeiro' Baker). He has also worked as a gymnastics and parkour coach at Springloaded. He was awarded his Graduado cord in 2013 by Grande Mestre Boa Gente, and his blue/green cord by Mestre Borracha in 2016. His nickname 'Quebra' means "to break" which came from his tendency (early in his Capoeira career) to disrupt the flow of the game as he entered the roda. 


GRADUADA SERENATA (Rebekah Parkes) has been studying Capoeira under Mestre Borracha since 2011, and grew up around martial arts. In 2019 she travelled to Brazil to study Capoeira, and the Philippines to study Eskrima (De Campo 1-2-3 Original). Serenata holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree as a Vocal major, from the University of Newcastle, and is currently studying to be a Health and Physical Education teacher. She was a founding member of the art music group Tone Camerata; a key participant in the University of Newcastle World Music Ensemble; and is currently lead singer in the world music trio, Big Jarda. Along with Eskrima (FMA) and Capoeira, she teaches singing; Gymnastics for All as part of Gym 21; and circus skills on the silks and static trapeze, and performs as a member of Soulfire Circus. Her nickname 'Serenata' means "to Serenade" and was given to her by Mestre Borracha for reasons that are probably obvious.

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